Pioneers Of Home-Based Workouts

Jane Fonda is perhaps one of the greatest pioneers of recorded workouts. She has been recording workout videos for over 33 years. Her first video was released in April of 1982. Millions of people have done her workouts, and she really hit her stride in the early 90’s with her step aerobic workouts. Most women over the age of 50 will chuckle with incredulity about how hard Fonda’s early workout tapes were. Her first tape, with the striped body suit, was indeed a challenging one. She would, in total, release 23 workout videos over the years, and she continues to do so today. Now her workouts are shorter, geared toward women her age, and widely available on YouTube. Just like her acting career, she is an absolute perfectionist about putting out well-choreographed, challenging workout videos. She actually started doing this after she suffered a foot injury in middle age, sidelining from enjoying dance as her primary form of workout. How she must have lamented that injury, but in the end she has impacted the lives of millions of people who have faithfully done her workouts, and she undoubtedly has had an effect on lowering medical costs for many people. She was truly a pioneer back in the early 80s, and she taught millions that with small, concerted efforts, physical fitness could be achieved.

Reebok started making step aerobics videos led by Gin Miller. There were 2 videos that came out in the early 90s. The first was in 1992 and the second, the power version of that first workout, came out in 1993. These were hugely popular and the Reebok aerobic step has maintained its retail value, still selling for over $100 on several sites online. In addition to its extensive line of athletic clothing and footwear, Reebok is committed to delivering fitness through home workout videos as well as fitness facilities in major metropolitan centers. They opened up Planet Reebok in New York City, which is a palatial gym spanning 140,000 feet, and complete with a rock climbing wall and running track in addition to every amenity one could dream of! This might be the best gym ever, and their Reebok step video home workouts in a league of their own. I don’t think Reebok ever got enough attention about these excellent ancillary product lines, as they well should have.

Jillian Michaels has joined the home workout arena in recent years. She has been releasing several workouts, most of which are available on YouTube, and her “shred” videos are highly regarded. Working out at home is helpful and adds balance to physical fitness programs. Jane Fonda, Gin Miller and Jillian Michaels have refined and continually delivered high-quality workout options into living rooms around the country, and world for that matter. The totality of their collective effect on healthfulness can never fully be measured, but these women have indeed had a huge impact of our nation’s well-being.